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Heading to Interbike?  If so, consider yourself invited to the Ergon Cabaret on Thursday, September 23 from 4-6 PM at the Ergon booth (#4361).   Spend a few hours at the end of the day hanging out with the people that make Ergon what it is.  Also, take the opportunity to chat with Ergon athletes Dave Wiens, Irina Kalentieva, and other members of Topeak-Ergon USA.  FREE poster signings will also be available from Dave and Irina.

Make sure to swing by the Ergon booth early in the week and request a ‘VIP Ticket’ for use during the Ergon Cabaret.  This will allow you to take part in the limited amount of adult beverages being served while supplies last.  Lets just say, the early birds get the worm  😉

Look forward to seeing you all there!



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Click the image for a full recap of the bike used by Dave Wiens at the 2010 Leadville 100.


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Eddie and Namrita O’Dea spent the afternoon at REI Atlanta familiarizing new riders of all ages with the basics of mountain biking.  They covered a range of topics from choosing the right bike to proper nutrition and hydration to building fitness and skills quickly and enjoyably.  So, in a nutshell…what do they like and recommend?

Bike choice:
Eddie: Full suspension cross-country bike
Namrita: For an intro bike if you are on a budget: Hardtail with front suspension.  If money isn’t an issue: Full suspension cross-country bike.

Best bike upgrade:
Eddie: Ergon GX2 grips (with barends)
Namrita: Ergon GP1 grips (no barends)

Favorite bike accessory:
Eddie: Topeak Mini 20 Pro multitool
Namrita: Topeak Race Rocket mini pump

Favorite nutrition product:
Eddie: nuun and FRS
Namrita: PowerBar Endurance (Lemon Lime)

Best piece of advice for building fitness:
Eddie: Ride hard, rest hard
Namrita: Don’t forget about rest days and the importance of enough sleep and good nutrition

Best piece of advice for improving skills:
Eddie: Look ahead, not down
Namrita: Stay positive and relaxed.  Momentum is your friend.

I never ride without:
Eddie: Saddle bag with spare tube, tire levers, multi-tool, and Rescue Box
Namrita: Saddle bag with all the above, plus I always carry a cell phone


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We are about to embark of a 2 week long road trip to attend 2 super awesome events!  Those events are the Sea Otter Classic and the Whiskey 50 Off-Road.

First stop is Monterey and the Sea Otter Classic.  We will be there all week selling just about every product we offer at a reduced MSRP.  Swing by to check the new 2010 product and to chat with members of Topeak-Ergon USA.

Where will we be?  Simple.

We will be taking up 4 spots on the ‘300’ block.  This is near the restrooms and food court.  Look for the Ergon green flag flying high!

Also make sure if you are free on Thursday night and need some adventure, check out the screening of Ride The Divide.  A movie which documents a 2,700 mile mtb race from Canada to Mexico…solo and self-supported.

After Sea Otter, we head south to the LA area for a few days.  We will be hosting a no-drop mtb ride with the folks at Crank Brothers and Troupe Racing Co.  Here are the details….

Ergon, Troupe Racing, and Crank Bros public group ride.

Following our time in CA, we head east to Arizona for the Whiskey 50 Off-Road.  We will once again have product to purchase at a reduced cost…as well as members of Team Topeak-Ergon racing.  This event is not to be missed!  Make sure to check out the post race party and band!


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The new TP1 Cleat Tool has been on the market now for a few months.  We are wanting to hear what you, the consumer, think about this new tool.

How has your experience been using the TP1 Cleat Tool?

Are you a bike shop using the tool?



One of the biggest suggestion we have already received via Facebook and Twitter is to make this new tool compatible with Crank Brothers pedals.  No fear, the Crank Bros. version of the tool is coming early Summer ’10

Please provide any and all feedback by posting a comment.  Thanks!


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Topeak-Ergon USA team rider, Yuki Saito, catches some air on his new Rotwild R.R2 carbon hardtail.  Grips on this bike?  GX1’s.


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Sally Bigham and Alban Lakata, both finish third overall – on different teams.

After eight stages, both riders that Team Topeak Ergon had at the Cape Epic, a legendary stage race in South Africa, finished third in their classes. The event, widely regarded as one of the most difficult races in the world, features terrain, distances and weather conditions to test everyone. The competition is also pretty tough, attracting the best in the World. Finishing third is therefore something of which to be proud.

Sally was riding the race in the Adidas-Big Tree Team, riding with local, Nico Pfitzenmaier. It was her first time at the event. Not only that, but the pair didn’t know each other prior to the start. It wasn’t just the day on day demands of riding that they had to get used to, but the ways of each other too. Fortunately it clicked from the off, and on the first day, they took third in the mixed pairs race. It put them in third overall, which they were able to defend throughout. “It is amazing to finish in third. The final day was hard, I had stomach problems, and Nico’s knee was playing up following a fall. The podium place is what we were after, and I am very happy with the performance.”

The tone was similar from Alban Lakata, who took silver in the World Marathon Championships last year. “We were hoping for a place on the podium. Both Kevin [Evans] and I are happy with the result – especially with one stage win and one second place. It was tough going – after the sixth day I was really beginning to suffer. I am very proud that we held on to third place to be able to stand on the steps here in Lourensford.”

Sally, and Alban, are both now taking two weeks off before the Lake Garda festival.