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Matt Page wins 24 Hours of Exposure becoming British and European Champion

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Matt, a friend of Ergon for many years, and a firm believer in our products won 24 Hours of Exposure becoming British and European Champion solo rider.  It was an extremely hard race, and very close at times (I know, I was there and stayed up all night to watch).  Matt switched from Ergon GX1 to GS1 (the marathon grip) the week prior to the race.  He told me “normally I would never change something so close to the race, but I trust Ergon.  It is one of the few companies which I trust.”

After the race, very emotional he thanked us for our work and all the support.  My response was that we did very little by comparison!  His opinion of the GS “It is the best that you guys have ever done.  I didn’t think there would be such a difference to the GX1, or that a grip could be so much better than what I had considered was the yardstick”.

The video here is great.

Ergon is very proud of Matt’s achievements.  As am I.



UK National 24 Hour Champion Rides Ergon

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In an event that resembled a cross country race in terms of the tactics used, this last weekend saw Matt Page, riding for Wiggle, take the UK National 24hr Champion’s title at the inorgral event in the Scottish borders.

As 24 hour racing gains momentum, there are a number of events that stand out. Mountain Mayhem, 24 hours of Adrenaline, SITS, and a few others. What all of these events have in common however, is that although solo riders are there and taking it seriously, they share the course with pairs teams, teams of 4 and teams of five. Many of these people are there for the festival experience of racing, not necessarily to contend places.

24hrs of Exposure is an event set to change this. For solo riders only, to prove that they had what it takes to wear the National Champion’s jersey for a year.

While Team Topeak Ergon and Ergon 24 were sadly missing from the event owning to scheduling clashes and injury, Ergon was still represented. Matt Page sported a set of Ergon GX1 on both of his team bikes (in Limited Edition White, and Team Edition Green). Matt, who has the choice to ride any products that online retailer Wiggle stocks said of Ergon “I won’t use any other grips, these are the bees knees” when he switched to them last year.

Everyone at Ergon would like to extend heartfelt congratulations to Matt for his win, and to the other winners on the day too, and all those who took part.

More details can be found here.