GX2 Carbon

It doesn’t matter if you love relaxed mountain biking, are seeking to improve your endurance race times, or just want to hit the local bikepark for your speed fix.  At Ergon we have got just the right grips for you and your hands.


No one likes carrying a backpack. It is a necessity. It restricts your movement. The weight of the load has undesired effects on your skeleton, muscles and posture. It is exhausting. People are dynamic, constantly moving. When you move any load will be continually transferred to your body and your shoulders will have to move the weight, constantly putting your muscles under strain. The more active you are, the greater the effect. Up until now, this fact was barely considered by backpack manufacturers. Day packs, touring packs and backpacks for active people and athletes with lower capacities were based on an old and a practically never revised design. It ignores the influence of dynamic movements on carrying comfort.

As ergonomic specialists Ergon’s target is making backpacks for active people as comfortable as possible to carry. Our starting point is far reaching studies resulting in a revolutionary new backpack design. It allows the upper body to move almost completely unhindered and with minimal load experienced. The waist strap transfers the main load to near the body’s center of gravity – the point that the back’s movement is minimal. To achieve the desired freedom of movement for the upper body what became obvious is that the shoulder carrying system needs to be isolated from the load. It is a brilliant and revolutionary idea. Using the central Flink® ball joint, in combination with a load bearing frame, the concept has created a backpack with a feeling of comfort like no other. The result is that Ergon has removed gravity’s power, lifting the weight from your shoulders. Goodbye Gravity.


Optimal Ergonomics from correct cleat installation Cleats in the correct position mean that the feet are correctly positioned on the pedal. This improves your performance, your comfort and your long term enjoyment. The advantages of the correct installation of your cleats is something you will notice immediately.

The Ergon TP1 is a tool which enables the precise installation of cleats onto your shoes. The position of your feet, relative to each other has been made incredibly simple with the Ergon TP1. Fine adjustment is also easy thanks to the grid markings on the tool itself. The Ergon TP1 makes cleat installation fast and accurate for everyone.



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