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Matt Page wins 24 Hours of Exposure becoming British and European Champion

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Matt, a friend of Ergon for many years, and a firm believer in our products won 24 Hours of Exposure becoming British and European Champion solo rider.  It was an extremely hard race, and very close at times (I know, I was there and stayed up all night to watch).  Matt switched from Ergon GX1 to GS1 (the marathon grip) the week prior to the race.  He told me “normally I would never change something so close to the race, but I trust Ergon.  It is one of the few companies which I trust.”

After the race, very emotional he thanked us for our work and all the support.  My response was that we did very little by comparison!  His opinion of the GS “It is the best that you guys have ever done.  I didn’t think there would be such a difference to the GX1, or that a grip could be so much better than what I had considered was the yardstick”.

The video here is great.

Ergon is very proud of Matt’s achievements.  As am I.




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The Bundesliga series is completed with Wolfram Kurschat and Robert Mennen finishing in the Top Ten of the last race.

Wolfram Kurschat and Robert Mennen finished well at this weekend’s Bundesliga final in Saalhausen, Germany with 8th place and 10th place respectively.

The race in Saalhausen, Germany is a classic.  This year the organiser paid host to the final of the Bundesliga series.  Riding and representing Team Topeak Ergon were Wolfram Kurschat and Robert Mennen.  For the overall classification there was no longer a chance – injury and other commitments earlier in the season had put pay to that.  All the same, the boys were hopeful of a good finish on race day.

Wolfram started well, slipping only a couple of positions at the start of the race.  At the end of the first lap he was in a solid 14th place.  The following seven laps saw him picking riders off, one by one, and by the end he finished in 8th, with a time of 1h47m14s.

Robert race was very similar, and he was able to convince with a solid 10th place.   His first lap was especially convincing, as he went into the second in 15th (just one position behind the multiple former German Champion Kurschat).  With a race time of 1h48m55s 10th place was his.  “Following the break from racing over the last couple of weeks I had trouble finding my rhythm.  With that in mind, 10th place is a good result.”  Robert said following the race.

For the team the next few weeks will see the last few races of another successful season.  The German Marathon Championship and the Cote d’Azur await the riders as the remaining highlights.


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Sally Bigham this last weekend secured the British Marathon Title for the third time in a row.  Alban Lakata meanwhile was riding the Red Bull Dolomite Man team event, in which his team finished second.

The course in Pippingford in the South of England was 25km long.  Sally was looking good, and rode a strong race.  On the second lap of 4 (total distance 100km) she was able to shake off Jane Nüssli who later finished second.  “I saw my chance to get away, so I upped my pace.  It worked and a gap formed.”

On the technically very challenging course, Surfa Sal (her nickname, thanks to a windsurfing passion) crossed the line to retain the jersey with a finishing time of 5:25:40 hrs – her lead was an impressive 5 minutes 35 seconds.  “It was a difficult race this year, and the challenge from Jane made it a lot more exciting.  All the same, securing my third title in a row is fantastic – it was one of my major targets this year” Sally admitted following the race.

Alban Lakata’s race started on Saturday.  The Red Bull Domomite Man is an unusual race with four different sports and different athletes.  The team starts with a hill runner, who passes on the baton to a paraglider after 11km, the relay then passes over to a kayaker.  The final 27km of the race was then the turn of Alban ‘Albanator’ Lakata.  Riding as part of the Red Bull team, the winning team from the previous year.  By the time it was his turn, the team had a 7 minute deficit and were lying in second place.  Kolland Topsport however (1st position) were too strong, and Lakata was unable to reel them in.  Team Red Bull finished in second place with a total time of 3:59:46 hrs.


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A small snap shot of some of the grips seen on the race bikes at the Vapor Trail 125 this past weekend in Salida, CO. Plenty more out there this weekend…but the racers were in a hurry and wouldn’t sit still long enough prior to the start 🙂






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September 11-12, 2010
Salida, Colorado, USA

The Vapor Trail 125 is one of the best races most have never heard of.  Due to the extreme nature of this 125-mile (200k) backcountry loop, event promoters keep the hype surrounding the event low.  Those riders that do qualify are treated to one of the best experiences on the mountain bike.  Starting at 10 PM on Saturday, riders traverse a loop through the Colorado back country and cover 125 miles and ascend over 20,000 ft by the time the race is over.

Jeff Kerkove toed the start line for the 4th time in this event, which is now in its sixth year.  Along with roughly 50 other racers from around the USA, Jeff raced along sections of the Colorado Trail, climbed his bike over the Continental Divide multiple times, and got to see the sun rise from the saddle of the bike.  Jeff would have his strongest performance of the year by setting a steady pace from the start.  Finishing in 14 hours and 26 minutes, Jeff would grab the overall victory and set a new course record.

“The big races like the Breck-Epic and the Colorado Trail Race leading up to the Vapor Trail had me more than ready this year.”, stated Jeff post race.  “Good weather, good legs, and no mechanical issues all played a huge role in getting me through this 125 mile course for the victory.”

Jeff’s race bike finally gets to rest after over 14 hours of racing.

Jeff Kerkove, 1st place

More info:


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September 4, 2010
Northern Georgia, USA

Saturday, Sept 4th at 8:00 AM 2010 marked the beginning of the inaugural Trans North Georgia, a 350 mile point to point race through the rugged Southern Appellation Mountains.  Limited support, navigation and 56,000 feet of elevation gain all add to the challenge of this event.  17 riders towed the line for this epic journey which began under blue skies, unseasonably cool temps and low humidity.

Topeak-Ergon racer, Eddie O’Dea, exchanged the lead through the first 10 hours with Mathew Lee, multiple winner of the Tour Divide race, before finally pulling away for the next 24 hours.  Eddie set a blistering pace for the day, putting in over 200 miles.

He made brief stop of Mulberry Gap Mountain Bike Get-A-Way in Ellijay, GA for food and massage before pushing on to Dalton, GA.  Here Eddie made the decision to rest for the night rather than trying to cross the extremely technical Pinhoti Trail in the dark.  Both Mathew Lee and Brad Kees passed Eddie while he slept, but were unable to put sufficient distance on him.  Now 45 hours into the race, Eddie awoke fresh and ready to battle.  He closed the gap to Mathew and Brad and continued on for the win in 55 hours and 57 minutes, which is now the course record.

“This was by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done” says Eddie. “The mental and physical swings were staggering and the terrain was just relentless.  What looks flat on paper is a lie.  The only real flat part was the last 15 miles.”  “My equipment was flawless.  The only thing I had to do throughout the entire race was lube my chain.  I was most impressed with the Topeak touring bags.  I was told to use some custom made bags, but I really wanted to put the Topeak product to the test and it passed.”

Eddie O’Dea: 1st place, 55 hours 57 minutes


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Irina Kalentieva finishes second in World Championships in Canada

Irina fought hard in last lap of the race to finish second.  Robert Mennen and Wolfram Kurschat finished the race in position 55 and 57 respectively.

The cross-country World Championships in Mt. St. Anne used the same classic loop made famous by the World Cup.  Technically very challenging it is also very demanding of the physical condition of the riders.  Dusty and dry in the lead up, on the day of the race there was heavy rain, the course became softer and showed a completely different side.

Kalentieva started the race at the World Champion.  She was there looking to defend the title.  As the 8 time Russian champion she was in fourth position until the penultimate lap.  “The conditions were a problem for me.  I needed to find a rhythm and settle down to the job in hand, but it was difficult.”

The final lap saw Irina pull out all the stops.  First of all reeling in third place, and then on the most difficult rock garden, she opted to run it, rather than riding it.  This saw her to move past Willow Koeber (USA) and secure the silver medal.

With a finish time of 1:49:09 hours it was all over.  “On the day Maja (Wloszczowska/POL) was simply the stronger rider.  All the same, I am pleased with my performance.”  Kalentieva said, following the race.

Wolfram Kurschat und Robert Mennen were also racing in Canada.  Both were optimistic about the race, the good vibe however was dampened immediately following the start – there was a large crash and both riders were caught up behind it.  Although they managed to work their way forwards, only 55th and 57th place were achievable.