Dave Wiens & Jeff Kerkove

The Ergon Philosophy

Carbon monocoque frames, electronic gears and intelligent dampers. The technological developments in the bike industry are as fast paced as ever. In the quest to make the bikes still more enjoyable, more comfortable, effi cient or faster, manufacturers are concentrating on “Hardware Technology”. However, will technology make the desired leaps possible? According to a study of the German Sports University in Cologne, more than 90% of those people taking part complained of aches and pains around their person when cycling. An important reason for this is poor ergonomics. Incorrect ergonomics on the bike can see discomfort turn into sharp pain and can signifi cantly spoil the enjoyment of cycling. In competition incorrect ergonomics can cost valuable energy and therefore places. Ergonomics is about putting the person as the focus, not the technology. For this reason, at Ergon, cyclists are at the centre of our search for the best connection between rider and bike. Bike ergonomics is extremely complicated and requires knowledge across different disciplines. For this reason the development team at Ergon is made up of specialists in different areas. There are bike experts, racers, sports scientists, ergonomics experts, engineers and industrial designers. Their aim is to develop products that offer the best ergonomics for cyclists, which combine the best scientifi c principles with practicality. The performance of Ergon products is tested in scientifi c laboratory studies, on the test rigs of the technical institutes and just as importantly with sweat and tears in everyday use or under race conditions. Cycling press editorials, international design award and the hardest race conditions in the world confi rm that Ergon are at the cutting edge.

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