Sally Bigham this last weekend secured the British Marathon Title for the third time in a row.  Alban Lakata meanwhile was riding the Red Bull Dolomite Man team event, in which his team finished second.

The course in Pippingford in the South of England was 25km long.  Sally was looking good, and rode a strong race.  On the second lap of 4 (total distance 100km) she was able to shake off Jane Nüssli who later finished second.  “I saw my chance to get away, so I upped my pace.  It worked and a gap formed.”

On the technically very challenging course, Surfa Sal (her nickname, thanks to a windsurfing passion) crossed the line to retain the jersey with a finishing time of 5:25:40 hrs – her lead was an impressive 5 minutes 35 seconds.  “It was a difficult race this year, and the challenge from Jane made it a lot more exciting.  All the same, securing my third title in a row is fantastic – it was one of my major targets this year” Sally admitted following the race.

Alban Lakata’s race started on Saturday.  The Red Bull Domomite Man is an unusual race with four different sports and different athletes.  The team starts with a hill runner, who passes on the baton to a paraglider after 11km, the relay then passes over to a kayaker.  The final 27km of the race was then the turn of Alban ‘Albanator’ Lakata.  Riding as part of the Red Bull team, the winning team from the previous year.  By the time it was his turn, the team had a 7 minute deficit and were lying in second place.  Kolland Topsport however (1st position) were too strong, and Lakata was unable to reel them in.  Team Red Bull finished in second place with a total time of 3:59:46 hrs.


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