September 4, 2010
Northern Georgia, USA

Saturday, Sept 4th at 8:00 AM 2010 marked the beginning of the inaugural Trans North Georgia, a 350 mile point to point race through the rugged Southern Appellation Mountains.  Limited support, navigation and 56,000 feet of elevation gain all add to the challenge of this event.  17 riders towed the line for this epic journey which began under blue skies, unseasonably cool temps and low humidity.

Topeak-Ergon racer, Eddie O’Dea, exchanged the lead through the first 10 hours with Mathew Lee, multiple winner of the Tour Divide race, before finally pulling away for the next 24 hours.  Eddie set a blistering pace for the day, putting in over 200 miles.

He made brief stop of Mulberry Gap Mountain Bike Get-A-Way in Ellijay, GA for food and massage before pushing on to Dalton, GA.  Here Eddie made the decision to rest for the night rather than trying to cross the extremely technical Pinhoti Trail in the dark.  Both Mathew Lee and Brad Kees passed Eddie while he slept, but were unable to put sufficient distance on him.  Now 45 hours into the race, Eddie awoke fresh and ready to battle.  He closed the gap to Mathew and Brad and continued on for the win in 55 hours and 57 minutes, which is now the course record.

“This was by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done” says Eddie. “The mental and physical swings were staggering and the terrain was just relentless.  What looks flat on paper is a lie.  The only real flat part was the last 15 miles.”  “My equipment was flawless.  The only thing I had to do throughout the entire race was lube my chain.  I was most impressed with the Topeak touring bags.  I was told to use some custom made bags, but I really wanted to put the Topeak product to the test and it passed.”

Eddie O’Dea: 1st place, 55 hours 57 minutes


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