Irina Kalentieva finishes second in World Championships in Canada

Irina fought hard in last lap of the race to finish second.  Robert Mennen and Wolfram Kurschat finished the race in position 55 and 57 respectively.

The cross-country World Championships in Mt. St. Anne used the same classic loop made famous by the World Cup.  Technically very challenging it is also very demanding of the physical condition of the riders.  Dusty and dry in the lead up, on the day of the race there was heavy rain, the course became softer and showed a completely different side.

Kalentieva started the race at the World Champion.  She was there looking to defend the title.  As the 8 time Russian champion she was in fourth position until the penultimate lap.  “The conditions were a problem for me.  I needed to find a rhythm and settle down to the job in hand, but it was difficult.”

The final lap saw Irina pull out all the stops.  First of all reeling in third place, and then on the most difficult rock garden, she opted to run it, rather than riding it.  This saw her to move past Willow Koeber (USA) and secure the silver medal.

With a finish time of 1:49:09 hours it was all over.  “On the day Maja (Wloszczowska/POL) was simply the stronger rider.  All the same, I am pleased with my performance.”  Kalentieva said, following the race.

Wolfram Kurschat und Robert Mennen were also racing in Canada.  Both were optimistic about the race, the good vibe however was dampened immediately following the start – there was a large crash and both riders were caught up behind it.  Although they managed to work their way forwards, only 55th and 57th place were achievable.


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