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An Ergon customer takes out new Green Lab packaging and tests how it breaks down in a home compost pile!  Love this!  Click the image below to read the review!


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The Bundesliga series is completed with Wolfram Kurschat and Robert Mennen finishing in the Top Ten of the last race.

Wolfram Kurschat and Robert Mennen finished well at this weekend’s Bundesliga final in Saalhausen, Germany with 8th place and 10th place respectively.

The race in Saalhausen, Germany is a classic.  This year the organiser paid host to the final of the Bundesliga series.  Riding and representing Team Topeak Ergon were Wolfram Kurschat and Robert Mennen.  For the overall classification there was no longer a chance – injury and other commitments earlier in the season had put pay to that.  All the same, the boys were hopeful of a good finish on race day.

Wolfram started well, slipping only a couple of positions at the start of the race.  At the end of the first lap he was in a solid 14th place.  The following seven laps saw him picking riders off, one by one, and by the end he finished in 8th, with a time of 1h47m14s.

Robert race was very similar, and he was able to convince with a solid 10th place.   His first lap was especially convincing, as he went into the second in 15th (just one position behind the multiple former German Champion Kurschat).  With a race time of 1h48m55s 10th place was his.  “Following the break from racing over the last couple of weeks I had trouble finding my rhythm.  With that in mind, 10th place is a good result.”  Robert said following the race.

For the team the next few weeks will see the last few races of another successful season.  The German Marathon Championship and the Cote d’Azur await the riders as the remaining highlights.


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Alban Lakata takes third place at the Zollernalb Stage Race.

In the fight for seconds at the Trans Zollernalb stage race, Alban Lakata took third overall.

In the premiere of the new event, the Trans Zollernalb saw riders tackle three stages taking them 250km through the Swabian Alps.  The first stage was on Friday, was over 60km long and the introduction to the 3 day event.  The second stage was 77km long with 1800m of climbing.  Finally the third stage of this ‘everyman’ race was on Sunday, with 76km to be tackled.

Starting for Team Topeak Ergon was Alban Lakata.  The Marathon World Champion was considered one of the favourites prior to the race.  Lakata less sure before the start, because of  the continuous press appointments that packed the three days.  The opening stage on the Friday saw him finish 8th.  The second day saw motivation return and he won one of the sprint classifications during the stage.  Crossing the line in fourth, it was now down to the final day to defend the 2 second lead on 4th place and try to claw into the 1 second lead of 2nd.

The final day came and once again Lakata won a sprint classification.  In the final sprint to the line, he finished second.

The overall classification saw the Austrian defend 3rd place.  The fight for time was one that Lakata lost, but it was extremely close.  The second placed finisher and Alban were level, but Lakata didn’t have enough in him to take the position.  “The closeness of the result is infuriating.  With just one second deficit to second place you can’t help but think about everything you could have done to make up that time.  All the same, it was a great race and when all is said and done, it was pretty successful.


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Heading to Interbike?  If so, consider yourself invited to the Ergon Cabaret on Thursday, September 23 from 4-6 PM at the Ergon booth (#4361).   Spend a few hours at the end of the day hanging out with the people that make Ergon what it is.  Also, take the opportunity to chat with Ergon athletes Dave Wiens, Irina Kalentieva, and other members of Topeak-Ergon USA.  FREE poster signings will also be available from Dave and Irina.

Make sure to swing by the Ergon booth early in the week and request a ‘VIP Ticket’ for use during the Ergon Cabaret.  This will allow you to take part in the limited amount of adult beverages being served while supplies last.  Lets just say, the early birds get the worm  😉

Look forward to seeing you all there!


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Sally Bigham this last weekend secured the British Marathon Title for the third time in a row.  Alban Lakata meanwhile was riding the Red Bull Dolomite Man team event, in which his team finished second.

The course in Pippingford in the South of England was 25km long.  Sally was looking good, and rode a strong race.  On the second lap of 4 (total distance 100km) she was able to shake off Jane Nüssli who later finished second.  “I saw my chance to get away, so I upped my pace.  It worked and a gap formed.”

On the technically very challenging course, Surfa Sal (her nickname, thanks to a windsurfing passion) crossed the line to retain the jersey with a finishing time of 5:25:40 hrs – her lead was an impressive 5 minutes 35 seconds.  “It was a difficult race this year, and the challenge from Jane made it a lot more exciting.  All the same, securing my third title in a row is fantastic – it was one of my major targets this year” Sally admitted following the race.

Alban Lakata’s race started on Saturday.  The Red Bull Domomite Man is an unusual race with four different sports and different athletes.  The team starts with a hill runner, who passes on the baton to a paraglider after 11km, the relay then passes over to a kayaker.  The final 27km of the race was then the turn of Alban ‘Albanator’ Lakata.  Riding as part of the Red Bull team, the winning team from the previous year.  By the time it was his turn, the team had a 7 minute deficit and were lying in second place.  Kolland Topsport however (1st position) were too strong, and Lakata was unable to reel them in.  Team Red Bull finished in second place with a total time of 3:59:46 hrs.


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