Tribble Mill 6 Hour Race
August 28, 2010
Georgia, USA

This past weekend in Georgia, Namrita O’Dea took on the 6 hour version of the 6/12 hour race at Tribble Mill Park.  This race is part of the Chain Buster Endurance Mountain Bike Race Series of 5 events in the Southeast USA.

Namrita primarily took this on as a later season “fun” event while Eddie played the role of support for the day.  Namrita started out as the first place overall female out of the 6 and 12 hour event and maintained her lead for the duration of the race.  She would go on to be the only solo female to finish with 7 laps in the 6 hour race placing her 1st out of the women and 7th out of the Expert men.

“I haven’t done a solo lap race in quite a while so it was a different mindset for the entire race.  I think I prefer the team format (Duo, with Eddie) or the point-to-point races.  However, Chain Buster Racing put on a fantastic event so I am really glad I raced.  Also, racing with the new Continental X King tires made my day!”

Namrita O’Dea, 1st place 6 hr solo women


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