August 21-27
Breckenridge, Colorado, USA

The Breck-Epic Stage Race is in its 2nd year and is quickly becoming known as the hardest stage race on the planet.  With 6 stages, 250 miles, and 42,000 ft of climbing, the Breck-Epic is a solid test of fitness and equipment.  Unlike other stage races, the Breck-Epic starts and finishes each day in Breckenridge, CO.

For 2010, Sonya Looney and Jeff Kerkove teamed up in the Coed Duo class.  Competing against 6 other coed teams, Sonya and Jeff set off on a stiff pace and took 1st place on Stage 1.  Continueing their consistent pace for the remainder of the week, Sonya and Jeff would go on to win all 6 stages of the Breck-Epic, and take the overall win against the other charging coed teams.

“Racing with a partner was new to me, but Sonya and I have done a lot of training rides together so we ‘clicked’ very well in this format of racing”, stated Jeff post race.  “ We were also lucky to have great sponsor equipment as we made it through the entire week with no flat tires or other mechanical issues.”

Sonya following the race was excited with the team’s results…..”The Breck Epic was an adventure, and it was great to take it on with a great teammate. Taking the win of a 6-day event felt more rewarding than a one-day event because I knew how much we put into it, all the pedal strokes.  I loved all the stages and I can’t wait to race another stage race!”

Sonya Looney and Jeff Kerkove, Coed Duo, 1st place overall

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