Eddie and Namrita O’Dea spent the afternoon at REI Atlanta familiarizing new riders of all ages with the basics of mountain biking.  They covered a range of topics from choosing the right bike to proper nutrition and hydration to building fitness and skills quickly and enjoyably.  So, in a nutshell…what do they like and recommend?

Bike choice:
Eddie: Full suspension cross-country bike
Namrita: For an intro bike if you are on a budget: Hardtail with front suspension.  If money isn’t an issue: Full suspension cross-country bike.

Best bike upgrade:
Eddie: Ergon GX2 grips (with barends)
Namrita: Ergon GP1 grips (no barends)

Favorite bike accessory:
Eddie: Topeak Mini 20 Pro multitool
Namrita: Topeak Race Rocket mini pump

Favorite nutrition product:
Eddie: nuun and FRS
Namrita: PowerBar Endurance (Lemon Lime)

Best piece of advice for building fitness:
Eddie: Ride hard, rest hard
Namrita: Don’t forget about rest days and the importance of enough sleep and good nutrition

Best piece of advice for improving skills:
Eddie: Look ahead, not down
Namrita: Stay positive and relaxed.  Momentum is your friend.

I never ride without:
Eddie: Saddle bag with spare tube, tire levers, multi-tool, and Rescue Box
Namrita: Saddle bag with all the above, plus I always carry a cell phone


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