THE ROAD TO LEADVILLE: “Just the facts, ma’am.”

A typical August day in the Signal Peak area looking toward Hartman Rocks in the distance.

Tuesday August 10, 2010 – As you likely have heard, Lance won’t be racing at Leadville this year. It’s a bummer as he has been so central to the race since first starting talking about late in 2006. One thing is certain, however, the race doesn’t get any easier with him at home watching on television. Murder’s row, I tell you.

Other than that news, things around here are accelerating as they always do the week before the race. Today was a good day on the bike and with the bike. I’m getting my race bike dialed in thanks to the Crean family. It really is a family effort as Dan does the work on my bike; Cathy has to deal with having my come around, pulling her husband away or texting him at odd hours leaning on him for various bike related requests; and Avery, not even a year old and cute as they come, has to put up with me holding her while her dad wrenches on my bike while her mom is at work. I even got to hold her with a full diaper today.  Brought back sweet memories!

This is where we ate dinner tonight. Not. I was trying to convey a pot of beans at the end of the rainbow or something.

As for training, I did a little over an hour and a half on the MTB behind Western State College after lunch. The climbs there are longer but punchy. I did a couple of good hikes, too. There is some fun trailriding up there. I got about 2,000 vertical and went hard at times. Then, back to Dan’s for tinkering with the bike for about 45 minutes then it was out to Hartman’s for more of the same; shorter and punchier climbing out there and mostly trailriding. I did throw a set of 20-40’s in to start, going up Kill Hill, which was kind of fun. I had never done them there before. It’s steep.

After I recovered from that I rode Rattlesnake to Joshos, then the Powerline road to Skull Pass. Up out of the Quarry the steep way and then back the way I had gotten out there via Joshos and Rattlesnake, then back down the front side. I just happened to meet up with Susan and Eddy pedaling back into town, then went by Dan’s, a little tweak here, another one there and my bike is ready for tomorrow. The Hartmans ride was about 2 hours and I got another 2,000 vertical. The riding was the same, pretty hard at times. I’d call it a JR hard at times with a set of 20-40’s thrown in. Intervalish but in an unrefined way. No HR monitor; I’m done with that thing. The battery will die before I ever use it again. Just don’t need it anymore.  Total ride of 3.5 hours and 4,000+ vertical, Data.

Tomorrow will be a mountain bike at an endurance pace up in the Monarch Pass area. I’ll likely climb Old Monarch Pass and then ride the Crest Trail to Marshall Pass and back the same way. Good altitude and some decent climbing. No hard efforts, though, just steady for 3-4 hours. Then Thursday is an easy day, Friday I’m not sure about yet and Saturday is the race. I can’t wait for the alarm to go off at 330am the morning of the race. I know Susan is fired up for that, too!

A pretty evening on Tomichi Avenue in Gunnison.

One Response to “THE ROAD TO LEADVILLE: “Just the facts, ma’am.””

  1. Hi Dave….I bet Lance has been reading your blogs and got scared that you’d kiss his butt!
    Have a very fun race and say hi to Susan for me! I was hoping to get up to Leadville to watch the race but my schedule wouldn’t allow that.


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