In a sensational battle, Alban Lakata takes the Marathon World Championship

An unusual race Lakata showed that he can still rip up the dreams of the opposition as he takes the rainbow jersey.

The World Marathon Championships took place this year in the Saarland area of Germany, in a small town called St.Wendel – it is a place that Alban Lakata will remember forever.

In an unbelievably fast race – the 107km was covered with an average speed of 28km/h – the new champion had a lot of work to do.  “In the first two thirds of the race my legs didn’t feel good, and I was struggling to stay on the back of the lead group.  I was one whole minute down, and had almost given up hope of a good result,” the Austrian revealed.

As the 80th km passed, he turned a page.  Lakata found a rhythm and was able to close the gap to the leaders within just a few km.  With about 10km to go, Alban (the Albanator) re-thought his race plan.  It was now all about attack.  Could he hold it to the lead to finish line?  “The correct place for an attack was something I had carefully noted in training.  I took the opportunity, and put a gap into second place.  I couldn’t believe it, but simply pulled out all the stops – gave it literally everything that I have and to cross that line first – it was an amazing feeling!”

With the clock at 3:49:55, Alban crossed the line, bettering his result of last year by just one position.  World Champion, with a 5 second lead.  A title to savour.  “I am without words.  This was my dream.  I really don’t know what to say.” Alban Lakata – World Champion.


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