The beautiful Ohio Creek Valley and the flat Ohio Creek road. Perfect for PHOS.

Monday August 2, 2010 – First things first. The Colorado Trail Race started today, I believe from the Waterton Canyon trailhead. That first section of the CT has been a staple in my training diet since 1987. My mom and brother live just  a few miles north so I’ve haunted the Front Range trails south of I-70 for the last 20+ years. Good riding there and no shortage of vertical. Back to the CTR, those knotheads (said in an endearing way!) are riding in the dark right now, perhaps in pouring rain. You can check on the race here The CTR is very compelling but I don’t think I’ll ever do it. I will be following my teammate Jeff Kerkove and the rest, though.

It is pouring rain here right now, which limits what I can do tomorrow morning, if I’m motivated to get out for an early ride. I have to back home bells on and ready to work by about 830am so I’ll need to roll out early if I’m going to do it. Hartmans will be killer; the trails behind WSC will be a sticky clay mess; and if it’s not raining, Highway 149 always rides good from town in the morning on a road bike. Hmmm.

Today was primarily work. I was able to bail out for an hour at about 1pm and did 10 reps of PHOS on Ohio Creek road. That’d be flats on the road bike. I got HR’s into the upper 130’s, mainly 137-138. I alternated between sitting and standing for the 10 second max effort. I’d like for my HR to be getting about 8-10 beats higher. Why? I don’t know, I just do. How’s that for science? I won’t lose sleep about my HR’s.

This pic is nothing special to us, but if you live in Miami or Berlin or Mali, you might pine for a setting like this. Just another road ride in rural Colorado.

Since my phone was clear when I got home and 330pm was my next commitment, I bolted almost straight for the gym (I did get out of my lycra, as much as I’d like to circulate with the meatheads wearing full team kit, putting 5lb and 10lb plates on where they’re putting  on multiple 45lbs.) I only had time to do about half of my workout but I knew that having that half done would get me back there, whereas, if I hadn’t done half, the likelihood of me going in later for the entire workout was much less likely to happen. Why is that? Generally, and I don’t think I’m alone on this, the later in the day it gets, the less likely I am to get out and exercise and the more likely I am to stuff my face with food so that if I do get out, I feel like a cow trying to ride a bike or lift weights or whatever.

Back to work then and then back to the gym to finish up the weights. I generally work at home or up to three blocks from our house. The gym is four blocks away but clear in the opposite direction. Epic for me to go straight from work to the gym! That’s it; light training day. I made killer burgers for Susan and I but I had to take hers to work for her. She still probably hasn’t eaten it yet and it’s 10pm. Hashbrowned Burbank Russets from southeast Idaho (yes, the type of potato and the origin of McDonald’s French fries) and a spinach salad. Good stuff. Local organic beef, too.

My work week is in flux and morphing every day so I’m not sure what to do and when to do it. I’ll be in Steamboat Springs for the Ride 4 Yellow this weekend, so Sunday will be the epic Divide Ride and other event activities. Saturday is open so I’ll find some good riding somewhere around Steamboat. My buddy Jason Stubbe rides up there all the time and is always talking about the long, epic trails. Looking forward to this! Too tired to ponder tomorrow anymore. I’ll see what time I get up and how motivated I am. Good night!

See those woods way up there? Gunnison Trails has a trail proposed that would go right through them.


One Response to “ROAD TO LEADVILLE: Easy Day”

  1. Sounds like we share a busy schedule Dave.
    My main motivation to enter Leadville was related to the Lance factor, but now I’m psyched regardless of his participation.
    It would be still really cool to see him on the bike, but I’m looking forward to catching a glimpse of the front pack (at the beginning) and possibly saying a quick hi to you.
    Thanks for the blogs!

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