Small or Large?  Which grip size do I need?

Ergon offers the GP1, GC2, GR2, GC3, GE1, and GA1 is 2 sizes. Please note that the GX models only come in one size, which is a small diameter.

The small and large label refers to how thick or thin the grip is.  There is no difference in the length or ‘wing’ size between the small and large.  The only exception to this is with the GA1 where the large is a little bit longer than the small.

The small grip is best for riders with small hands, those wearing thick padded gloves, or riders riding technical mountain bike terrain.

The large grip is best for riders with large hands, commuting, and city riding.

We highly recommend visiting an Ergon dealer to get ‘hands on’ with the grip you are considering purchasing.  Ultimately, it is the rider who make the final decision as to which grip size works best for them.


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