Saturday July 17, 2010 – I wanted to ride on the road today but didn’t have a plan. Then I got a text from Rhett Griggs; he was heading out for a road ride. He’s one of the orthopedic surgeons in the valley and he doesn’t mess around; no, Rhett likes to get after it. He also put Coop’s femur back together and along with his partner, Gloria Beam, they help get Gunnison Valley residents back to riding, skiing, fishing, hockey and everything else after injuries.

He and Gloria also created the new Alpine Orthopaedic cycling team. We’re lucky to have two killer teams in the valley between them and the stalwart Brick Oven Pizzeria squad.

Rhett was on call at the hospital so we had to stay fairly close to Gunni. We went out the quiet Ohio Creek Road and strayed up the Mill Creek dirt, rode to the EOP, did the dirt climb east up to the crusty landowner’s place toward Red Mountain and then finished up with Allen Lane dirt and Cranor Roubaix.

Two and half hours steady, lots of flats and just over 2,000 vertical. No traffic. Two abreast and social; just what I needed.  Rhett got called to the hospital as we rolled into town.

Tomorrow I’m thinking about doing a quality MTB ride near Gunni, perhaps an Original Growler lap or the 5,000 feet of climbing to be had with the Signal Peak triple behind Western State College.

Susan gets home in the afternoon and the house is a disaster. I think she gets in around 3pm and I’ve got a good 2-3 hours of work to get this ship back in order!

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