by Dave Wiens

Wednesday July 14, 2010 – Just like yesterday, I had to work all day but at least today I was in Gunnison. I got on the mountain bike around 730pm and headed for Hartmans.

I had a loop in mind and wanted to see how long it would take at a steady pace. To be concise and fit into training logs, many workouts end up being denoted by acronyms and I have all kinds of these to describe different elements of training. For example, EOP means “end of pavement” and JR means “just ride.” A JR ride means I’m not out to do anything specific. I don’t hammer; I’m not going easy.

I’m just riding at whatever the default pace of the day happens to be, which is usually harder than easier. A typical log entry would be, “JR, hard at times.” Not much science to it but some days you just want to ride.

So this was a JR ride. The evening was typically stellar: the light, the clouds, cooling temperatures, the whole Southern Colorado enchilada. I was riding an abbreviated counterclockwise Growler lap and about half-way through I ran into Jefe Branham. Jefe is a Colorado Trail Race (CTR) veteran and is doing it again this year. He’s preparing for it and had lights ready for when it got dark. We chatted a bit and then went our separate ways as it got darker, me toward the lights of town and Jefe toward the darkness of nothing.

The CTR is a very compelling race, one that I love to follow but doubt I’ll ever have the muster to pull off. My teammate Jeff Kerkove is also gearing up for it. He’s training hard and very focused. It will be Jeff’s first multi-day, self-supported race. Crazy, man!

I had to cut my intended loop short because it was getting dark and I wasn’t feeling my spryest either. It was still a good ride of an hour and a half with around 1,500 vertical feet of climbing. Nothing more than a quality, after work mountain bike ride in the middle of summer. Good times.


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