July 11, 2010
Oakridge, Oregon, USA

The Cascade Cream Puff wasn’t as sweet and kind as the name implied with 100 miles, 18,000′ of elevation gain, and ripping singletrack! The first 3 hours of the race did not go well for Sonya and she found herself with dead legs and moving backwards. However, she tried not to worry about it and hoped they would start to feel better as they have in past races.

The second her legs felt good and switched to ON, Sonya’s new found strength was apparent as she was able to put power to the pedals and hammered the remaining 70 miles of the race, moving up from 6th to 2nd place over 10 miles and pushed herself to open a gap and maintain position. She would work to try and catch 1st place rider Rebecca Rusch of Speacialized/Red Bull to no avail.  Rebecca’s gap was already too big.

The field was stacked with several very talented women, and it pushed Sonya to ride at her best for nearly 10 hours.

Finishing in 2nd overall, and 21st in the men’s field, it was another promising finish for the Marathon Worlds team selection for Sonya it felt good to have a good race after her disappointing finish at the USA Marathon Nationals last weekend in Breckenridge, CO.

Sonya Looney, Pro Women, 2nd


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