by Dave Wiens

July 10, 2010 – After racing in the Firecracker 50 last Sunday, I did a 90 minute flat road spin on Monday evening then completely put away all of my bikes for the next three days.

Yesterday evening I climbed back on my Rotwild and set out on a two hour mountain bike ride to Hartman Rocks. This includes some of the trails from this year’s Original Growler. The two hours at Hartman’s does start near our house so the actual off-road portion is closer to 90 minutes. I went at medium pace and felt good. Vertical climbing was around 2,000 feet.

This morning I was out early for a road ride. Susan left yesterday for a 9-day trip to California – girls’ weekend at Stinson Beach this weekend; 30-year high school reunion next weekend; and family in between – so getting out early while the boys are still asleep is my preference.

I rode steady to the Powderhorn Lookout on Highway 149. It’s a 10-mile flat approach followed by a gentle 1,500ft + gain over the next 13 miles and, like most road rides in Gunnison, it’s an out and back.
I felt strong.

Getting back on the bike after a break, I usually ease back into it with a few rides in the two-hour range. Tomorrow should be similar. I’m leaning toward doing a workout I call PHOS/Cross (it’s from back in my XC racing days; today is could be more accurately called PHOS/Push) so I may also introduce an Umbrella Workout category near and dear to me and Woody (Jason Stubbe) called the Cioni Double.

If I end up doing it, I’ll describe it in more detail in coming posts.


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