by Dave Wiens

I’m a huge advocate of keeping a training log. That being said, I have some gaps in my training history over the years. Even during my prime as a pro, I occasionally fell off the wagon and didn’t document short time spans during the winter. Of course, nothing very specific was happening then anyway. Then, I straightup stopped tracking my training altogether after the 2000 season and didn’t pick my pencil back up until my prep phase during the summer of 2007 as I was preparing for the Leadville 100. That ended up being the race against Floyd and I mapped out training and tracked what I did beginning right after the Firecracker 50 in Breckenridge that July 4th. (Okay, I just looked high and low for my training from the last few years and came up empty. We just moved one of the twins into a new bedroom, formerly my office, and all of my stuff is in disarray. I’ll find it eventually and may refer to parts of it for this blog.) I stopped logging that year right after the race with Floyd then picked up again in 2008 beginning around April 1st. Being highly motivated, I was a devout logger from that time through the Leadville race last summer; that’s well over a year of daily fitness activities!

However, I stopped after that race and have not picked it back up. And I won’t. Not for any good reason other than that life is busy and I’m keen to see how I go at Leadville this year without really mapping it out and tracking it, other than what I put down on this blog. I’m a lousy blogger, by the way, so don’t be surprised if this is my only entry between now and the race! Also, I likely won’t include many photos. Stopping to take photos while training is counter intuitive to me; I’m just not going to do it. Also, if you’re a hardcore training science kind of a person, you won’t get much out of what I do. If Charmichael’s website is, mine would probably be considered to be by the cerebral training elite out there.

So, the Firecracker 50 is this Sunday. The Firecracker is a fantastic race in Breckenridge, CO that I have done for the past several years as a test race before Leadville. My fitness at the Bailey Hundo a few weeks back surprised me so I’m optimistic that I could have a good Firecracker. A good Firecracker would be a top 5, or a top 10 if the field is thicker than it has typically been. I did a nice three hour endurance ride yesterday with just over 4000 vertical feet of difficult climbing. I got up to just over 11,000 feet of elevation, which I felt like I needed to do as Breck is a bit higher than what I can do day to day around Gunni. The day before that, I did just over an hour of short, hard hill repeats on the mountain bike. Tuesday I rode tempo on the road bike up to Crested Butte, watched the twins’ baseball game and then did the same back to Gunni. That was a little over an hour of tempo (145-160 HR) each way. Today I’m meeting a group for a skills ride up at Mt. Crested Butte so it will be an easy day. We have friends coming into town and my buddy Jeff usually like to go out and hammer so I’m not sure what tomorrow has in store for me. I’d rather do less than more, we’ll see.


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