This report emailed to us from Fran Bach of the Boulder, CO based Bach Builders Mountain Bike Team.

My GA1 grips had me feeling great the whole race, I had them on both bikes the full rigid and one w/front suspension.

I started the race a bit faster this time compared to other races I have done to get the lead, well I maintained the lead for the entire race and also posted the fastest time for the single speed solo division, I was shocked to say the least.

All 24 hour races come w/ some difficulties and this was no exception….
– I had vision lost in my left eye after lap 3 or 4
– It was not fun seeing through a fog for the rest of the race. It was like when they clean your eye out at the hospital w/ liquid….your thinking stop already I just want to see.

After the night laps and having to hold my head in a weird position to see at night, mostly focusing on my lights my neck was beyond pain I wanted to deal with. Then I hear the second place rider pulled a good lap time and I was on my second to last lap suffering and unable to ride or hold my head up to see. I had to walk sections as being on the bike for more than 10 seconds at a time was unbearable.

I knew I had to keep going and knew there was nothing I could do. The last lap was depressing as I saw another single speed solo rider pass me wondering why I was walking. They walked me in on the last lap and all I thought was I lost, even though my legs and yes my hands felt great!

I wanted to ride but it was almost impossible… I guess you need to see more than 5 feet ahead of you 🙂

Well I won my 1st solo single speed 24 hour race and was pleased w/ my efforts as you know it’s a fight to the end in these endurance races, nothing is final until it’s over.

Thanks Ergon for the support and grips!

Francis Bach
Bach Builders


One Response to “SOLO 24 HOUR VICTORY ON THE GA1’S”

  1. Wow, nice work Fran! Way to keep pluggin, well deserved win.

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