Heavy rainfall made for a mud-fest at the German Bundesliga race this last weekend. Kurschat fought his way to 8th, while Mennen rode to 14th place.

The Bundesliga race in Albstadt is known for the enthusiasm and number of fans on the course. It makes for a great race, however the spirit this year was dampened a little by the presence of an uninvited guest. Mud. The previous night had seen very heavy rainfall, and the 5km course was transformed into a slipway.

Following a good start, Kurschat led the group to the famous first climb. It looked great, but the conditions were having their effects. Kurschat couldn’t find a rhythm and slid back to 10th place. As he got to grips with things again, he was able to fight his way forwards to finish in 8th position.

Robert Mennen was also riding, but unfortunately suffered from a poor start. Near the front for the line up, he found himself in 25th place. The 25 year old then fought his way forwards into 10th spot before attacks around him saw him crossing the line in 14th place. Robert spoke of the race “My start today was not good. The mud and general conditions. It was not a good race.

For Kurschat and Mennen the next couple of weeks is all about training. The next race on the calendar is the Swiss Bike Trophy in Bern (CH).


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