Set2Rise 12hr Solo Trevor Allen (Ergon 24h Team)

Trevor is based in the UK and is riding his first year as a sponsored athlete.

Last year this raced marked a significant breakthrough for me – the first 12hr that I had completed and my first podium of the season. This year I had the intention of winning although it just didn’t come together for me all race. Usually being at University is really positive for my training, I can ride during the day and study in the evening, however for two months of the year when exams and deadlines kick in it all gets too much and my riding suffers. May was one of those months and after round two of the British Champs I had two weeks off the bike stuck in a computer lab with little/no sleep. All the form that I had at the end of April evaporated and I went into the race feeling tired and out of shape.

I knew a couple of the guys in the field were going to hit the pace hard for two laps. I decided to play it cool and try and pace myself to be strong in the toughest hours of the race, from 2am till the finish at 6am. The rain came down hard in the first hours of the race. On the second lap someone slid out in front of me causing me to take evasive action which damaged my rear mech. I lost 10minutes fixing the bike and after 2 laps I was in 5th place, fifteen minutes down. A quick bike change on to the fully with Continental SpeedKing 2.1’s and I settled into a rhythm concentrating on staying efficient and keeping the bike upright in the muddy conditions. I lapped at this pace consistently for a few hours but never really took anytime out of the leaders. I pushed hard on laps 7,8 and 9 and then on lap 10 I fell to pieces and lost 10minutes. I came back into the pit and my crew tried their best to patch me back together. I knew the race was over but I carried on to the end and took forth. The final three laps were the hardest I have ever had to ride at any race. I was completely empty and bitterly disappointed at the way I had ridden.

At the time carrying on and finishing the race felt like the worst thing to do. Retrospectively I am pleased I did and thankful to my pit crew. It definitely has taught me a lot about endurance racing and I am stronger mentally as a result. With only two weeks left till my first 24solo of the year at Mountain Mayhem I know the suffering at Set2Rise will help me. Now my University year over for the year I can now train full time for the rest of the season and look forward to the next for months.


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