This weekend, we were up at high altitude in Vail, Colorado.  “Gear Town” was buzzing for 3 days with shoppers, locals, and athletes participating in the various kayaking, climbing, running, and cycling mountain events offered at the Teva Games.

This was the first year that Ergon had a booth at the Teva Games, and it was a great success. We were constantly busy, explaining all the different grip models. All the carbon grips were a big hit!

The GP1 BioKork also attracted a lot of attention, and consumers were delighted to hear about its appearance in bike shops this month!

The Sprinter Van was a great hang out place for people in Gear Town.

We got to meet a lot of people who had never heard of Ergon! The common quote was, “Wow! This is such a brilliant idea.” and they would immediately buy a pair.

The Teva promoters had their social networking down, and even created an Iphone App so you could check results on the fly. Our booth had the bar code for the XC race.

Thanks to everyone who checked out the Ergon booth this weekend.  We hope to see you soon!


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