May 30, 2010
Gunnison, Colorado, USA

Over 400 racers decended on Gunnison, CO for the hardest 64 mile race in the western USA, the Gunnison Growler. Consisting of two 32 mile laps, this Dave Wiens promoted event is a true mountain bikers course. With the laps being 95% technical singletrack, the course would be a true test of mind, body, and sponsor equipment.

Sonya Looney would take the top spot for the team in the Women’s 64 mile race. Finishing in 6 hours and 54 minutes, Sonya would ride to 2nd place overall. “My first lap didn’t go well with a crash and some mechanical issues, but I was able to overcome it on both levels and had the perfect second lap, and rode it 20 minutes faster than my first! I was happy to come in 2nd place with the caliber of women toeing the line with me!”

Yuki Saito rode to another solid result. “Growler is one of my favorite endurance races. It is very tough, but I like the technicality of the course and the atmosphere of the event. I bonked towards the end, but managed to finish in 6th overall, which is same as last year’s. I wanted to place better, but I was happy because my time was about 15minutes faster and there were more fast riders this year!”

Jeff Kerkove would ride to 20th place. “I had a fantastic first lap, but late in the race, I couldn’t find a good groove. Seemed I was always fighting the course. It was just one of those days when things didn’t click.

Yuki Saito, 6th
Sonya Looney, 2nd
Jeff Kerkove, 20th

All photos by Devon Balet. Please visit devonbaletphoto.com

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