Ergon USA just returned from a 1 week trip to Koblenz, Germany….home of Ergon International.  The time was spent at the office shooting videos for our website, as well as talking about new products and how to improve the old products.  The week was capped off with a trip to Offenburg to take in the Offenburg UCI MTB World Cup!  What an AMAZING trip with fantastic people!  Below are a selection of photos from the week and weekend.

Ergon Hqtrs
Designers at work at Ergon.

Koblenz, Germany
Kolblenz, Germany….home of Ergon Intl.

Ergon Hqtrs
Behind the scene at our video shoot.

Canyon Bikes
Coffee break!

2010 Offenburg World Cup
Offenburg World Cup!

2010 Offenburg World Cup
The men warm up.

2010 Offenburg World Cup
Spectating at the World Cup. Look at all the people!

2010 Offenburg World Cup
Team mechanic, Lars….or as we call him….’LARRY!’

2010 Offenburg World Cup
Interview time with Irina K.

3 hr mtb ride outside Offenburg
USA employees were able to get out on the bike as well. Talk about amazing country!

3 hr mtb ride outside Offenburg
Steep roads!

What a great week! Amazing things are coming from Ergon! Stay tuned to our blog, facebook, and twitter for the latest information.


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