May 16, 2010
Nathrop, Colorado, USA

Nathrop XC was stop number 2 for the US Cup. Sonya Looney and Yuki Saito showed up after a long day of training and pre-riding Hartman Rocks in Gunnison for the upcoming Growler of Memorial Day. The fields were stacked with world class riders and the power course did not disappoint. It was windy, but beautiful racing with the collegiate peaks in the distance.

Yuki rode a strong race, finishing 15th in a stacked field and only 6 minutes down from the winner. “I thought my legs would have been tired in the race because I rode relatively hard for 4 hours the day before the race. However, I was very relaxed and my legs felt very strong during the whole race. I started out from 20-25th place, kept passing riders and ended up 15th at the finish line. The race was very competitive and hard, but I was very happy with my placement and how I performed against national level riders. I’m looking forward to racing well at Growler in 2 weeks!”

Sonya Looney also hung tough and held for 13th place and just 6 minutes off the podium. Both riders were pleasantly surprised that they were able to perform well at a training race and made Ergon and all the sponsors proud.

Yuki Saito, Pro Men, 15th
Sonya Looney, Pro Women, 13th



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