Cohutta 100 & Big Frog 65

April 24, 2010
Ocoee, TN, USA

Eddie & Namrita O’Dea of the Topeak-Ergon Team took on epic weather conditions and tough competition in the southern Appalachian Mountains this weekend. Both the Cohutta 100 and the Big Frog 65 start and finish at the Ocoee White Water Center, site of the 1996 Olympic paddle sports competitions.

Namrita took second in a stacked women’s field at the Big Frog 65 mile race, besting the third place woman in a sprint finish. “I started off a little conservatively, but once I found my pace I was able to reel in all but one of the other women. Toward the end I was trying to stay ahead of the heavy rain fall before getting into the technical single track, but that didn’t work out. Thankfully, I have great equipment. Everything worked well for me in the rain and mud.”

Eddie faced strong field of National Ultra Endurance Series contenders in the Cohutta 100 and finished with a respectable 15th place in the Open Men’s group. “The weather was a factor, but even more so was depth of talent out there on the trails. All of the big names of American endurance racing were on hand to test their fitness. The big climbs on this course are not my strong suit, but I rode my own race and finished well.” Eddie also finished in a sprint with a racer from Boone, NC. He did not fare as well as Namrita.


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