A perfect start to the season for the World Champion, while Kurschat was left wanting.

Irina Kalentieva confirmed her status as the favourite for the Racer Bikes Cup, and secured the first win of the season for Team Topeak Ergon.  Kurschat’s had a poor day, finishing in 20th position.

In Switzerland, in a town called Tesserete near Lugano the first race of the Racers Bikes Cup took place this weekend.  Kalentieva returned to competition following the off-season, fresh from her 8 week training camp in Majorca.

The race started well, and the start felt her in 4th place.  The course was extremely technical, and well suited to Irina.  With precision she worked her way forwards place for place.  Crossing the line with a winning time of 1hr 38m 48s she beat the second place rider Cécile Ravanel (Lapierre International) by the smallest of margins – just under 3 seconds.  Kalentieva’s joy was hard to miss “Finally the preparation period is over and I can race again.  To win in the first race of the season is a dream.”  Irina continued, heaping praise on the organiser.  “The course was amazing.  I loved it.”

The German National Champion, Wolfram Kurschat was less enthused, and was out-ridden by the competition from the start.  Unfortunately throughout the race, he was unable to find his legs, but wanted to finish as preparation for the first World Cup of the season, in two weeks.  “I wasn’t feeling good.  I tried going too hard, too early.  It was a good lesson, and my focus remains the World Cups.”

The coming week also sees the start of the season in Germany.  The early season classic in Munsingen is the next stop for the green and black Topeak Ergon race team convoy.


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