The new TP1 Cleat Tool has been on the market now for a few months.  We are wanting to hear what you, the consumer, think about this new tool.

How has your experience been using the TP1 Cleat Tool?

Are you a bike shop using the tool?



One of the biggest suggestion we have already received via Facebook and Twitter is to make this new tool compatible with Crank Brothers pedals.  No fear, the Crank Bros. version of the tool is coming early Summer ’10

Please provide any and all feedback by posting a comment.  Thanks!


  1. Dan Blacklock Says:

    I am very happy with it, my SPD cleats were a little bit off centre and this has helped me get a more even feel as far as the float is concerned.

    I have loaned it to two friends, one had his cleats positioned so incorrectly it was ridiculous and the other already had his spot but I sort of expected that as he has had knee tracking issues so is quite pedantic about his cleat position.

    I am just about to swap over to Crank Brothers Egg Beaters so will need to buy the new TP1 that supports them. It would be cool if you could make the Cleat Tool modular so that it can support more than one type of cleat.

  2. Is there any chance of a Time ATAC tool?

  3. I’d like a spd-sl (ie road) version as well.or a heavier duty version with interchangeable inserts for various pedal standards.

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