March 28, 2010
Oden, Arkansas

Members of Topeak-Ergon USA have officially kicked of their individual race seasons.  Four members traveled to deep woods of Arkansas to race the 70 mile Ouachita Challenge.  Held on the trails that make up one of IMBA’s Epic Rides, this event does not disappoint.  Big climbs, technical terrain, and mud greeted the fresh 2010 race legs.

In the Men’s race, Jeff and Eddie took to the front right from the start to defend Jeff’s win in 2009.  Leaving everything out on the trail the riders would come up short of the win, but remain in the top 10 on the day.  A late race flat tire would drop Jeff from 3rd to 6th in the last 4 miles.  Eddie would finish in 8th.

In the Women’s race, Sonya and Namrita would ride solid races to also take top 10 results on the day.  Sonya would achieve the team’s top finish by finishing a few minutes down to the 1st place women’s finisher.  Namrita would cross the line a few minutes later with a smile on her face and covered in mud.


Jeff Kerkove, Open Men, 6th

Eddie O’Dea, Open Men, 8th

Sonya Looney, Open Women, 2nd

Namrita O’Dea, Open Women, 5th

Namrita O’Dea and Sonya Looney try to stay warm at the start.

This is what most of the Ouachita Challenge course looks like.

Jeff Kerkove works with another racer to try to catch the 1st and 2nd place riders up the trail.

Eddie O’Dea races to an 8th place overall.

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