The fifth stage of the Cape Epic was a highlight and a first. The riders faced a 27km time trial.

At 11:18am, the team known as MTN Business Qhubeka Topeak Ergon was released onto the course. The race lasted for about an hour for the duo of Lakata and Evans. Five kilometres in a time split was taken. The boys were in third position. At the second time split at 13km they were in 2nd place, which put them one second ahead for the overall classification. The pair were able to maintain this position, but by the finish were third in the general classification.

While Lakata and Evans were riding, the other team, Adidas-Big Tree, had already finished their day’s stage. Each team was sent onto the track according to their overall position, with the slowest riders being sent out first. Bigham and Nachname secured third position both on the day and overall. They are also pretty safe. The fourth placed team is 1hr32mins behind them.

The sixth stage will be a real test for all involved. 123km in length with 2240 meters of climbing. Just 28km in, there is a 10km long climb with an impressive 700m of height difference.


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