Ergon booth
You are seeing these product here first!  We are excited to finally let some of these new 2010 products out of the bag. These come from the Taipei Cycle Show happening now!

GX2 in white
New Limited Edition GX1 and GX2 in white. These are LIMITED…and should start showing up in June.

GP1 BioKork
GP1 BioKork in size small.

TP1 for Crank Bros.
New TP1 Cleat Tool for Crank Brothers pedals/cleats.

New GA1 Leichtbau
The GA1 Leichtbau. Now the lightest weight grip in the Ergon model line.

handmade carbon barend!
New GR2 carbon bar end. Very stunning and very difficult to produced. All are handmade and we can only produce 18 a day!

New GFK barend on GR2
GR2 with the new GFK bar end. This is an amazing this product…hard to scratch in a crash, super-strong bolt, In-molded rubber bond to GFK so rubber stays put.

More photos posted on Facebook!



  1. please tell me the total value in dollars to be sent to
    8500 byron avenue
    miami beach
    33 141 florida

    New TP1 Cleat Tool for Crank Brothers pedals/cleats.

  2. worksrider Says:

    If you visit our website ( there is an online shop where you will find your answer.

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