Riding as a guest in the MTN Energade Team, Alban Lakata, the silver medallist at the European Marathon Championships, took part in the Subaru Sani2c (yes, that is not a typo) stage race this last weekend.  It is an event growing in popularity as preparation for the larger Cape Epic, which also takes place this month.  His team partner was the South African, Kevin Evans, who is the South African national individual time trial champion.

Stage 1, on Thursday saw the Austrian / South African duo take the lead, and win despite the weather, out front and alone.  That left them needing only the following day’s stage in order to take the overall win.  This they did, with over 5 minutes lead at the end of the 97km stage.  The concluding stage, on Saturday was 78km, but with the lead already built up they could afford to relax a little.  Picking the team lying in second place overall, they simply held on to their tyres, and finished 4th on the day.  It was enough to seal the overall classification with a minute’s lead.

For Alban, who is currently in transition at the start of the season, didn’t expect to win, and was just using the race to prepare for Cape Epic.  “This is my first race of the season, and here in South Africa, they are right in the middle of theirs.  Kevin, was really strong though, with over 20 races already in his legs.  I am really looking forward to riding with him again at the Cape.  We have the advantage of a friendship now too.”  Lakata went on to say that he feels that they have shown they are serious about the Cape Epic.

The Subaru Sani2c is a stage race over three days, with stages up to 90km.  The race starts at an altitude of 1500m above sea level.  Sani, means ‘sunset’ and 2 C represents the race being a course to the sea, finishing near Durban.  It is one of the most important mountain bike races in South Africa, and sees daily TV coverage.



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