March 6, 2010
Dalton, Georgia  USA

The Snake Creek Gap Time Trial series in Dalton, GA is quickly turning into a Southern favorite for winter racing.  The race attracts people from all over the east coast and mid-west US.  March 6 was the third and final of the monthly time trails on the rugged 34 mile trail.  January saw sub-freezing temperatures with frozen bike parts, bottles, and limbs.  February was a mud-fest, and March was perfect in every way!

Team Topeak-Ergon USA members Eddie and Namrita O’Dea both raced in the 34 mile race.  The course conditions were fast, the sun was shining, and the bikes and equipment worked flawlessly.  Eddie placed 2nd in his class, 14th overall and Namrita placed 2nd in her class, 4th overall.

The next event for the O’Deas will be the Mountain Bike Klinik and no-drop ride with Topeak-Ergon members Jeff Kerkove and Sonya Looney and Competitive Cyclist on March 25 in Little Rock, AR followed by the Ouachita Challenge 60 mile race in Arkansas on March 28.

Above photos by Steve Sharp


One Response to “SNAKE CREEK GAP TT #3”

  1. Not trying to be disparaging,but I don’t understand why “pros” are racing in age group classes even if they are training races for them.. There is a very little subscribed category called “Money Class” at these races, and neither rider competed in it. Instead they took podium spots from weekend warriors. Not very professional in my opinion at all.

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