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Sally Bigham and Alban Lakata, both finish third overall – on different teams.

After eight stages, both riders that Team Topeak Ergon had at the Cape Epic, a legendary stage race in South Africa, finished third in their classes. The event, widely regarded as one of the most difficult races in the world, features terrain, distances and weather conditions to test everyone. The competition is also pretty tough, attracting the best in the World. Finishing third is therefore something of which to be proud.

Sally was riding the race in the Adidas-Big Tree Team, riding with local, Nico Pfitzenmaier. It was her first time at the event. Not only that, but the pair didn’t know each other prior to the start. It wasn’t just the day on day demands of riding that they had to get used to, but the ways of each other too. Fortunately it clicked from the off, and on the first day, they took third in the mixed pairs race. It put them in third overall, which they were able to defend throughout. “It is amazing to finish in third. The final day was hard, I had stomach problems, and Nico’s knee was playing up following a fall. The podium place is what we were after, and I am very happy with the performance.”

The tone was similar from Alban Lakata, who took silver in the World Marathon Championships last year. “We were hoping for a place on the podium. Both Kevin [Evans] and I are happy with the result – especially with one stage win and one second place. It was tough going – after the sixth day I was really beginning to suffer. I am very proud that we held on to third place to be able to stand on the steps here in Lourensford.”

Sally, and Alban, are both now taking two weeks off before the Lake Garda festival.



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March 28, 2010
Oden, Arkansas

Members of Topeak-Ergon USA have officially kicked of their individual race seasons.  Four members traveled to deep woods of Arkansas to race the 70 mile Ouachita Challenge.  Held on the trails that make up one of IMBA’s Epic Rides, this event does not disappoint.  Big climbs, technical terrain, and mud greeted the fresh 2010 race legs.

In the Men’s race, Jeff and Eddie took to the front right from the start to defend Jeff’s win in 2009.  Leaving everything out on the trail the riders would come up short of the win, but remain in the top 10 on the day.  A late race flat tire would drop Jeff from 3rd to 6th in the last 4 miles.  Eddie would finish in 8th.

In the Women’s race, Sonya and Namrita would ride solid races to also take top 10 results on the day.  Sonya would achieve the team’s top finish by finishing a few minutes down to the 1st place women’s finisher.  Namrita would cross the line a few minutes later with a smile on her face and covered in mud.


Jeff Kerkove, Open Men, 6th

Eddie O’Dea, Open Men, 8th

Sonya Looney, Open Women, 2nd

Namrita O’Dea, Open Women, 5th

Namrita O’Dea and Sonya Looney try to stay warm at the start.

This is what most of the Ouachita Challenge course looks like.

Jeff Kerkove works with another racer to try to catch the 1st and 2nd place riders up the trail.

Eddie O’Dea races to an 8th place overall.


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Great article on one of our USA sponsored riders, Allison Mann.  She has been making her way up the pro ranks recently.  Click the article below to see how!


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Ergon & Comp Cyclist MTB KLINIK
Last night we planned a no-drop mtb ride and clinic with the folks of Competitive Cyclist and any of the locals who might be interested in showing up.  We arrived in North Little Rock, AR to cool temps and very windy conditions.

Comp Cyclist & Ergon MTB KLINIK
The weather did not keep many away!  We had about 25 folks show up to brave the weather and terrain.

Ergon & Comp Cylist MTB KLINIK
Topeak-Ergon rider, Sonya Looney and Hap from Competitive Cyclist talk a little ‘smack’ before the group rolls out.

Ergon & Comp Cylist MTB KLINIK
Rolling out from Competitive Cyclist Hdq at 5 PM the group hit up a mix of trails in their back yard.

Ergon & Comp Cylist MTB KLINIK
The trails here are fantastic!  Mix of flat and buff… rocky, rooty, and steep!

Ergon & Comp Cylist MTB KLINIK
We had a great group of varied rider talent.  We would ride sections of trail then regroup while sharing stories of near crashes or how we “launched that sweet jump”

Comp Cyclist & Ergon MTB KLINIK
Following the 2 hour ride, Topeak-Ergon members took the time to speak with those in attendance about riding, training, and nutrition.

Comp Cyclist & Ergon MTB KLINIK
Most discussed topic at the clinic last night?  It was all aimed at Ergon product and the benefits of riding Ergon.

Comp Cyclist & Ergon MTB KLINIK
It was all followed up with a little pizza and beer!

Thanks to all who came out…and to Competitive Cyclist for hosting such a great event!


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The fifth stage of the Cape Epic was a highlight and a first. The riders faced a 27km time trial.

At 11:18am, the team known as MTN Business Qhubeka Topeak Ergon was released onto the course. The race lasted for about an hour for the duo of Lakata and Evans. Five kilometres in a time split was taken. The boys were in third position. At the second time split at 13km they were in 2nd place, which put them one second ahead for the overall classification. The pair were able to maintain this position, but by the finish were third in the general classification.

While Lakata and Evans were riding, the other team, Adidas-Big Tree, had already finished their day’s stage. Each team was sent onto the track according to their overall position, with the slowest riders being sent out first. Bigham and Nachname secured third position both on the day and overall. They are also pretty safe. The fourth placed team is 1hr32mins behind them.

The sixth stage will be a real test for all involved. 123km in length with 2240 meters of climbing. Just 28km in, there is a 10km long climb with an impressive 700m of height difference.


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Alban Lakata and Kevin Evans build their lead in the overall classification.

Alban Lakata and Kevin Evans from Qhubeka Topeak Ergon Team finished third in day two of the Cape Epic stage race, building their lead in the overall.

The second stage involved a course that saw the riders circling the town of Ceres, about 130km north of Cape Town.  The 90km course took in some 1625meters of climbing all at temperatures in excess of 30 degrees Celsius.  It was extremely dusty.  “By the end of the day, we looked like we’d been battered and fried”, explained Lakata, giving us no doubt about the conditions.

After a good start to the race, in a nod to the brutal course conditions, the pair suffered a puncture.  It put them back a bit, as they sorted it out.  Alban explained “In the tech zone, my spare wheelset just wasn’t there.  I had to grab a different wheel, but it didn’t work correctly in my setup.  It meant I had to put in yet more effort to make up the gap.”

The advantage in the overall classification however was defended and extended – despite the pressure that the leaders jersey brings.  Team Qhubeka Topeak Ergon now have around 5 minutes lead over Team Bulls 1 and 8 minutes over Team Trek-Brentjens.

Riding in the mixed pairs, Sally Bigham and Nico Pfitzenmaier, riding under the name of Adidas Big-Tree Team, matched their performance from yesterday, finishing 3rd on today’s stage.  This was despite the two flats that Nico suffered, and saw them also hold their position of 3rd overall.

The third stage tomorrow will also be centred around Ceres, however the planned course has been substituted with something new.  A 120km long day with 1600 meters of climbing will actually be a little easier than planned.


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We are excited to show off the new road trip vehicle.  With an expanded product line and race team, it was time to grow into a new vehicle.  Say hello to the new Ergon sprinter van that will be seen at events and rides across the USA and Canada!  If you see us, stop and say ‘Hi!’ Next up is the Ouachita Challenge in Arkansas…then Sea Otter in California!

Ergon sprinter van

Ergon sprinter van

Ergon sprinter van

Ergon sprinter van

Ergon sprinter van