February 20, 2010
Florida, USA

Team Topeak-Ergon USA members Eddie and Namrita O’Dea had another chance to test their early season fitness in the 2 Person Open category at the 12 hours of Santos race in Florida. Typically, Eddie and Namrita choose to race in the solo category but this time they teamed up to race as a 2-person male/female team racing against the 2-person all male teams.  The warm temperatures and technical race course was the main lure of this event and it would be used as focused early-season training.

Other than a minor mechanical issue the duo was able to maintain pace with the competing male teams.  Unfortunately, the time to fix the mechanical put the O’Deas out of podium contention but they still finished in 5th place with 15 laps on the 9 mile course.  Special thanks to Art North from University Bike Center, and Darren from AJ’s Bike & Boards for mechanical assistance.

Namrita said, “One of Eddie’s and my main strengths is consistent lap times and this race was no different.  Eddie pulled steady fast laps and mine were on par with most of our male competitors’ lap times, as well.  It was too bad to lose time due to a mechanical but that can happen in these early races.  As far as early season fitness, I’m feeling pretty good.”


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