24 Hrs Old Pueblo

We all have a nice brown glow right now.  Why?  Because we just returned from a fantastic trip to Tucson, AZ and the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo.  Hands down, this is one of the most fun and largest 24 hour event in the USA. As in the previous years we showed up with the booth to showcase and sell some product.

24 Hrs Old Pueblo

As in previous years, the GP1, GX1, and GX2 were the hot grip to have. We even saw a huge interest in the new GX3. Another item to note is that about 70% of the people at the venue already had Ergon grips on their race bikes. This was so awesome to see!

24 Hrs Old Pueblo

Dave Wiens stopped by the booth on Saturday, as he was at the event racing on one of the many teams we were sponsoring during the weekend.

Speaking of people…..

24 Hrs Old Pueblo

Check out all the people at the pre-race meeting.

24 Hrs Old Pueblo

This is Dax. He’s from CO. Rides a SS. He’s an Ergon sponsored rider…..and a bit silly.

24 Hrs Old Pueblo

Tyler swung by the booth and picked up a new set of GX1’s. Tyler is a super fast junior racers based out of AZ. Of course, his team won…..and it won’t be the last.

Yuki Saito, Lap 1

It wasn’t all work for us in AZ. We even got out there and laid down some fast lap times.

24 Hrs Old Pueblo

It was good enough for 2nd place in the 5 Person Coed race. The winning team was also an Ergon team….made up of Niner-Ergon riders and individual Ergon sponsored riders.

We can’t wait to go back! 70F temps in February and a awesome event vibe make this the official kick off to the 2010 road trip and racing season.

24 Hrs Old Pueblo


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