Sonya Looney and Jeff Kerkove represented Ergon this past Friday night at the annual BMA Banquet. The banquet is a fundraiser for the Boulder Mountainbike Alliance (BMA), a local IMBA chapter. Held at the upscale St Julien Hotel in Boulder, CO mountain bikers from all over Boulder County get all dressed up…..well, as dressed up as mtbers can….then they enjoy a nice dinner, hand out some awards, and auction off a bunch trip and mountain bike product. This single evening raises $10,000+ dollars…all of which is put right back into the trails of Boulder County.

And now, here are some images from the evening!

2010 BMA Banquet
Ergon product up for the silent auction.

2010 BMA Banquet
Valmont Bike Park….a leader in the movement of in-city bike parks!

2010 BMA Banquet
Those that make the important decisions at the BMA up in front to talk about the goals of 2011.

2010 BMA Banquet
The main course!

2010 BMA Banquet
Oh my! Dessert!

2010 BMA Banquet
As a mtber, let your voice be heard. They do in Boulder County and it makes a HUGE difference in the quality of trail…as well as responsible land access.


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