Snake Creek Gap Time Trial #1


To bring in the new year, Eddie and Namrita O’Dea from Georgia rode in the first of three Snake Creek off-road Time Trial races.  Over 300 riders registered and most of them braved the day’s below freezing temperatures.  The O’Deas competed in the 34 mile race.  Around the first mile marker, there is a knee-deep creek crossing that all the 34-mile racers needed to negotiate.

Namrita chose to ride it and Eddie chose to walk it with bare feet and legs.  Both were successful.  After that, the next several miles are rolling singletrack and doubletrack with some steep ups and downs and many rocks littering the trail.  Because the ground was frozen, the trail was pretty fast riding.

However, because it was so cold outside, riders were dealing with frozen drinks, drivetrains, brakes, and limbs.  The last five miles of the trail are very technically demanding with steep pitches and many technical rock gardens.  Eddie got a flat tire and had some trouble changing it.  Thanks to the help of a fellow (Ergon-sponsored) Faster Mustache Team rider he was off rolling again.  Eddie caught up to Namrita after the singletrack and both rode into the Finish Line together.

Race times, in general, were longer than expected for most racers.  Namrita finished in 1st place in her class and Eddie, even with his flat tire troubles, finished in 8th place.

The race and volunteer support was excellent, as was the competition in all classes.  There are two more Time Trial races left on February 6 and March 6, 2010.


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