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Driving in LA

This past week, Sonya and Jeff from Ergon USA spent the week in the LA area visiting select bike shops.  The goal of the trip was to get some face time with our dealers, see what they were stocking for Ergon product, and to educate the employees of each shop about Ergon and the benefits.  The travels went well, and the shops in the LA area are looking good!  Almost every shop we went into had 2-4 models on the store shelves.  The most popular?  By far it was the GP1, GR2, GX1, and GX2.  Also saw a few shops with the new GA1.

Below are a few images from the trip in no particular order….

Ergon Dealer Tour: Day 4

Ergon Dealer Tour: Day 4

SoCal Dealer Tour: Day 3

SoCal Ergon Tour

SoCal Ergon Tour: Day 2

Ergon Dealer Tour:  Day 5

Ergon Dealer Tour:  Day 5

Ergon Dealer Tour:  Day 5

Ergon Dealer Tour:  Day 5

All the photos from the trip can be found here.


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BIKE magazine buyers guide

Have you picked up the new ‘MTB Bible’ from the folks over at BIKE magazine? This heavy chunk of  literary genius features everything and anything about the newest products for 2010!

BIKE magazine buyers guide

Make sure you check out the accessory page for a feature on the new all mountain grip, the GA1.  This grip is perfect for riders on super techy terrain.  DH, FR, and aggressive XC riders will fall in love with the ergonomic shaping that “normal” lock on grips do not provide.

Swing by your local bike shop or book store to thumb through the pages of this new ‘MTB Bible’


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Right now, we are in the middle of a tour of bike shops in the LA and San Diego area.  Stay tuned, as this week long adventure will give us lots of blog content next week.  In the meantime, check out our Twitter and Facebook for up to date images and locations.

SoCal Ergon Tour: Day 2

UK Core Bike Show

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Singletrack have just posted a load of stuff about Ergons 2010 line-up here….

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2010 Topeak Ergon USA tops


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Ergon is excited to announce a new outlet for our customers to buy select Ergon product.  Say hello to Huck N Roll!  Click the image to access their current inventory. Oh, and for those of you that ‘huck’, we suggest the GA1 or GE1 😉