We went to Santa, Fe, NM to pay one of our distributors, BTI, a visit. After chatting with one of the two founders of the company, we got to learn a little more about them.

BTI was started in 1993, but was not originally started as a distribution company. At first, they were a suspension repair shop and worked out of a garage with just a few people. As they got more business and had more bike parts, their role turned to distribution.  They carry many, many product lines and actually still function as a suspension repair shop.



Full warehouse, many SKUs.


Can you find the Ergon sticker in this photo?


Working hard on bike suspension…

Thanks for your hospitality, BTI!  We are glad to be working with you.


One Response to “ERGON VISITS BTI”

  1. Just passed through Santa Fe this weekend on a 2,500 loop of the western US. Caught an amazing sunset–and this shot of my newly acquired loot. Total bike hauler! Wish I had more time to spend there. Seems like a great city and I do love Sades.

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