Ergon around the World

Ergon is International, and cycling is a universal language.  As a part of this, I will be posting profiles of Ergon sponsored riders, and associates here.  We spoke to Sarah Holmes, in Australia who is sponsored by Over The Edge Sports the Ergon distributor in the region.

Sarah doing her thing.

Who are you ?

I am an Adelaide born and bred 21 year old; I was an accomplished softballer until I stumbled across dirt and mountain bikes 2 years ago. Being extremely competitive I fell into the wide world of racing and surprised myself with some great results in my first season of racing! From there it became an addiction and my racing experience now consists of two seasons at club level, one season at National level and three international races including two world cups in Europe. I am now gearing up for my second season at National level.

Where do you like to ride?

My favourite training ground is on the 80kms of sweet single track in the small country town of Melrose in the Southern Flinders Ranges. In a beautiful setting; surrounded by lush, green rolling hills, a flowing creek and Kangaroos – There really is something about Melrose.

Tell us about your training…

My training has consisted of around 20hours per week and has been a variety of long hours in the saddle, shorter intensity rides, strength training both on and off the bike and a lot of stretching and massage!  

Where do you race?

I race locally in South Australia for our State series rounds, travel around Australia and New Zealand for the National Series and Oceania Championships and I plan to travel overseas for World Cup events. I am looking forward to competing in some cross country stage races here in Australia and possibly breaking out into the road scene too.

What are your aims?

To have a strong domestic season with the goal of becoming the Australian XC U23 Champion and ultimately qualify for 2010 World Championships. Ultimately I would not only like to be the number one rider in Australia but I would like to be a serious contender on the world cup circuit.

Sarah with World Champion Irina Kalentieva

Where would you like to ride/race in the future?

I would love to travel to the US, Canada and back to Europe. I would like to spend some time in Fruita, Colorado and Hurricane, Utah – riding and competing on the American race circuit. I loved every minute spent in Germany; both pedalling and beer tasting and look forward to exploring more in the future.

What is your experience with Ergon?

Although I have to admit I was curious, my first Ergon experience was gently but somewhat forcefully placed upon me by the boys at Over The Edge Sports in Melrose. No one gets out of town without stocking up on Ergon grips! I am now a lover and believer in my GX2 Carbons and do not want to even imagine riding with any other grip but an Ergon. My BD2 backpack is the ultimate companion on the epic rides and I am slowly converting all that come within a 10m radius!

Tell us something about you that has nothing to do with bikes!

A few interesting non-bike related facts about me: Earlier this year I travelled Europe with my partner in the back of an extremely rusty ford transit van, self-equipped with a kitchen, a mad paint job, couch/bed and bike parts area. Pumping up the air mattress and sweeping the carpet became a daily competition. I love travelling and experiencing new cultures and languages. I am definately solar powered and  have a love for anything outdoors; picking and eating large quantities of wild morel mushrooms, nettles and a good drop of mate tea are the top of my list.


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