Ergon Grips: A key component to a comeback story

by Scott Burke

An avid cyclist for my adult life, a bike accident in 2005 put that passion at risk.

While traversing a wet metal grated bridge on my road bike, I lost control of the front wheel and supermaned over the handlebars. With hands extended forward to protect my fall, my fingers became wedged in the grates in the steel. While the momentum of my body carried me forward at about 20 miles per hour, the bones and joints in my fixed wrist and fingers gave way under the torsion and pressure as my body traveled past.

I suffered bilateral wrist fractures and multiple finger dislocations. Surgery was required to repair the damage. With wedged hands rapidly wrenched behind me, I lost the ability to protect my face, and a plastic surgeon was needed to fix the damage incurred to the same.

The accident recovery period left me questioning my ability to tolerate the pressures incurred on my wrists while cycling, especially my true passion…mountain biking. I was greatly concerned as I looked forward to my wrist cast removal, and a first ride post accident.

My occupational therapist (whom did a great job in getting my hands and wrists back to snuff) suggested that the most surface area I could get under my hands when back on the bike would be best for me. I did a lot of research on the net, looking for the right grips to suit my needs. My search led me to Ergon GP1’s and I have not been disappointed. The support and comfort they provide is priceless.

I am in the woods most days of the week now, enjoying the singletrack here in New England. Ergon has paid a big part in my comeback on the bike. Many thanks for your ingenuity and forward thinking, those wings on my handlebars are one of the best upgrades I have ever made. I ride with a core group of 5 other riders, and each of them now sports a pair of Ergon grips on their steeds.

I cannot go back to normal grips…end of story…period.


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