For 2010, all grips will feature a completely re-worked grip packaging. It combines an attractive and up to date design, and innovative use of materials, and it is this that convinced the jury. It is the unique construction, application of materials and the graphic design which really saw it scoring points.

The new packaging came about from a desire to use ecological materials in a way that meant that recycling was completely possible. For this reason the box part of the packaging is made from a paper-pulp material, similar to an egg box. Added to this is the cover, made from cardboard. It creates a monocoque when assembled. All components can be recycled, including the cardboard tube for the grip itself. Not only that, but the ink used in the production of the packaging is also environmentally friendly, based on soy. The packaging is all part of an initiative call GreenLab, in which Ergon’s product development are exploring the use of alternative and sustainable materials in their products, without compromising the aims of Ergonomics, Performance and Design.

As with the present Ergon packaging, the right hand grip is their for customers to try in shop, with the other grip packaged safely away.

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