The penultimate round of the series in Switzerland

It wasn’t a good day for Irina Kalentieva or Wolfram Kurschat.  The Swiss World Cup did not have any of the crowning glory that was hoped for.  The only silver lining was the result of Robert Mennen.  He rode to his best result yet in a World Cup.


The freshly re-crowned World Champion was not feeling good before the race.  The run up to the event left no time for preparation, and flying back from Australia, and the jet-lag which comes from that had left her tired to the bone.  “It came to a head in the second lap.  I crashed, landing hard on my knee.  It was so painful that I had to drop out” Irina explained at the side of the course, clearly in pain.

The German National Champion, Wolfram Kurschat also did not have the race that he imagined would be before him.  Having crashed in training the day before, he simply could not find his rhythm and finished 31st.  “It was one of those days.  It simply didn’t happen.”  Wolfram is now holding out for the fifth place in the overall classification.


With his 37th place though, Robert Mennen took his best position at a World Cup event yet. He even surprised himself. “I didn’t think that I would finish so well.  My feeling was that my form was getting worse!” he said, clearly delighted.



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