The old and new Mountain Bike Queen. Irina returns to the World Champion throne.

“What a day – simply unbelievable”.  This was Kalentieva’s response to the events of a weekend that saw her re-claim her World Champion Title of 2007.

The World Championships took place in Australia on a technically very demanding course near Canberra.  Although clearly fantastic result, it didn’t go entirely to plan despite a good start.  “I had to stop, as I had a chain problem.”

With the chain repaired, Kalentieva was now over a minute down on the leader.  However, Kalenieva was not going to accept that.  “I gave my all.  I wanted that title.  I used the problem as a reason to push harder.  I fought for it.”


The dream became reality as she crossed the line with a time of 1h43m20s.  For the second time in her life following her 2007 victory she is the Cross Country World Champ.


“I’ll say it again.  It is a dream.  It makes it all worth-while.  I cannot describe my joy”

An indepth interview with Irina covering her World Championship victory will follow shortly.


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