Kim Tofaute and Benjamin Brochhagen take World Champs Silver at Europe 24 Hours World Championships.

This past weekend Kim Tofaute and Benjamin Brochhagen secured the second World Championship silver medal for the Topeak Ergon Racing Team.  Following a test event a few weeks back, the 24hour pairs team faced the highlight of their season – the 24 hour World Championships in the Bavaria. Their target was a place on the podium but following the race in Munich they new that anything could happen.


The course was a short 7.1km loop, a course that Kim immediately attacked from the off, in order to put a gap into the other teams. Switching every lap, the Ergon Director of Research and Development and the Team PR Manager found a good rhythm and were battling it out with three other teams. Then 2 hours after the start Kim took a spill on some gravel, and nerves were shaken. The team dropped to fourth as the other teams slipped from view. 8 hours later the pair had made it back up to third position. It was beginning to look exciting.


At 2 am the pace was upped. The distance to second place was cut and the team attacked keeping the pressure on, passing and dropping Team Conway in third. But with the lead pair having a couple of laps advantage, it was all about bringing it home. In the end the team rode for 23:59:06, which secured second place on the podium and the silver medal.


“It is a great feeling taking silver. I crashed three weeks ago, so I am pleased that it went well on the day. It is a team effort though, so a nod in the direction of the support team is needed” said Benny following the race. “Of course I am a little sore about my off, but in all, it is a perfect weekend for the team. Two silver medals at World Championship events!”



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