This just in from Pua and Ron from the Marathon World Championships in Austria…


Pua raced the World Championship Mountain Bike race in Graz, Austria today.

Pua lead the race after the very first climb and found herself in the lead
on the first long descent. The leaders switched up back and forth after
the initial climb but on the descent Pua was able to pass Sabin Spitz
(Ghost) and all the other top riders for the lead.

Pua found herself in the field of Master men that they had sent out (15
minutes) in front of the Pro Women. While Pua was in the lead and had a
considerable gap she collided with one of the master men who would not
move out of the way. Pua’s lead was big but she suffered a hit to her
right leg (where all her latest injuries have been). She held the lead
while the Swiss team pulled together to real her in.

t feed zone one Pua was in the lead but had to pull over for a pit, we
straightened out her handle bars which had gotten turned sideways from the

She fell back to 5th place at that point but put the peddle down and
caught back up and within a half hour took over the lead once again.

The hit to the leg started to swell and finally constrict, She held the
lead through Feed Zone 2 (about 1:40 into the race)but was starting to
feel the pain. Pua held the lead through the pain for over 2 hours of the

By the time Pua got to the 3 feed just before the final climb the pain was
to much. She had slid back to 7th and was able to hold that to the end.

This was the best US finish ever in a World Championship Marathon MTB race
by Male or Female.


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